IIT JEE 2013: Analysis of new exam pattern

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IIT JEE 2013: Analysis of new exam pattern

Students who want to study engineering from 2013 will be sitting for a single entrance exam designed by ISI Kolkata and the Ramasami Committee.

The date for IITJEE 2013 may be dependent on faculty agreeing to Kabil Sibal and the HRD Ministry’s changes, but here is a summary of what the propsed Joint Entrance Exam will look like:

1. One entrance exam for all institutes
The exam replacing IITJEE will be known as Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). It will determine entry to the IITs, NITs and other institutes…read more

2. Students can attempt the exam more than once
JEE 2013 will be held in April and November/December…read more

3. Class 12 results will be considered for JEE
About 40 percent of total marks for JEE will come from Class 12 board exams. The percentile, not the mark, will be given. The rank will be given up to nine decimal places. IIT Bombay faculty, however are against this move…read more

4. JEE will consist of two papers
There will be one main paper (30 percent) and one advanced paper (30 percent) for each subject. Students will sit for the main paper in the morning and advanced in the afternoon. Psychometry experts will help in setting the paper.

5. Students will receive a special rank
A rank provided by the Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTI) will be given to students according to Class 12 results, main paper and advanced paper. Students will receive individual marks for each section.

6. Students will have to submit two separate application forms
Students will have to submit an application form for JEE and another to the institutes that they want to apply to.

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First Published:12:21 pm, April 17, 2012

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zaidzaid (Posted 2 Years Ago)

the shit is this.....you guys dont have any idea of the coming patter of ISEET. dont just misguide.

ObiObi (Posted 2 Years Ago)

Iits and nits should be free from kapil si bals freaking decisions........

soniasonia sharma(Posted 2 Years Ago)

the new pattern are so bad for all the indian students who lern the engeenearing education studies because first u get the 80 % marks in bord nd 2nd u get rank in iit jee this is very difficult pattern by u i appel that u please analysis this new pattern iit jee thank you very much

girish (2 Years Ago)
i am girish
girish (2 Years Ago)
exam pattern is not so bad but have to face
shivanshushivanshu (Posted 2 Years Ago)

what profit for students in this new pattern.

RaviRavi (Posted 2 Years Ago)

this is very bad decision by bloody kapil sibal

shivamshivam (Posted 2 Years Ago)

just do not want the HRD ministry to interfere into the process of JEE.dnt know wat they wanna do..........................................

dhruvsharmadhruvsharma (Posted 2 Years Ago)

I doubt Wheather sibal's new pattern will stop coachings from flourishing.I dont know why he is after coachings?why not put this energy in raising the standards of school education and one India one board system.coachings are generated from distorted competition resulting from poor education in schools and caste based reservation in India.politicians are distorting education policies for there vote bank.more over iit patternas a global brand is going to lose its position after this pattern.

rksonirksoni (Posted 2 Years Ago)

The new pattern increase the entry of students of metropolitan city. These student have good environment to develop the aptitude skill and English proficiency. The student are rural areas and middle city are normally weak in this field. HRD minister is not like development of rural youth.

Student (2 Years Ago)
I think this will help rural students more as they no longer have to worry about coaching classes
RAvi (2 Years Ago)
beta savi state board me ache % nhi aate fir v wo iit qualifykrte the sala kapil sibal .
roshni (2 Years Ago)
I totally agree with u. it might be great for only metropolitians.i think minister forget there are more students who belongs to middle cities.
AMANAMAN (Posted 2 Years Ago)

The current form of proposed ISEET exam will not reduce the burdon of students. Now , it is required to study three field simultaneously:<br /> 1. Tension of good marks in 12 th board.<br /> 2. Aptitude test preparation, which is totally different area<br /> 3. Preparation of subjective area as in current IIT-JEE exam.<br /> <br /> The decision making committee not think about the students , belong to rural area, where almost students are very weak in aptitude and English.

manasmitamanasmita (Posted 2 Years Ago)

pls dont play with our career, pls pas this after 2013 many students will drop for 2013 iit jee,and we arw not concerned abut board marks , pls a humble request to the minister.

Sharuk ahmed(2 Years Ago)
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