NEET-PG 2013: Case verdict expected after vacation

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NEET-PG 2013: Case verdict expected after vacation

NEET-PG case is not included in the final 2013 summer vacation cause list.

Hence, verdict can now be expected only after the vacation.

There was a speculation that case could be taken up for the final verdict in summer vacation.

Last year 17 verdicts were given during holidays but those cases were included in the vacation cause list.

However, the NEET-PG case is not included in the summer vacation cause list till date.

The vacation of Supreme Court will start on May 13 and the court will re-open on July 1.

NEET-PG results will be released only after final verdict.

Counselling at medical colleges will end on May 31. There is some speculation that this deadline could be extended depending on when NEET-PG results would be declared.

The Supreme Court  last heard the NEET PG case on April 30.

About 90,000 students have been affected by the delay of results.

The delay has affected students do not know whether they are to give up their jobs and get a seat in medical school.

Students had taken to expressing their frustration over the delay in results from February 2013. Fed up of the delay, some have now taken to protesting in towns and cities across the country.

We will keep on updating about the status of case verdict.

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First Published:08:00 am, May 12, 2013

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tasveertasveer (Posted 11 Months Ago)

plz dun provide fake information.atleast maintain some authenticity. we are frustrated enough by nw.

prankurprankur (Posted 11 Months Ago)

Supreme court verdict is coming on 13 may 2:00 pm plz visit official website, they declare a suplementry note on home page. Or visit on facebook SAVE NEET STOP CORRUPATION page.

surprisedsurprised (Posted 11 Months Ago)

bugger is this true? they better do something..

neetoholicneetoholic (Posted 11 Months Ago)

good news case posted for may13th for final verdict.

sushanthsushanth (Posted 11 Months Ago)

just think of rang de basanthi... do a mass protest on the streets. lets gather people. those dickheads who run the govt do not know the value of a doctors life.

DrDr Sudhakar(Posted 11 Months Ago)


drdr gaurav(Posted 11 Months Ago)

this is where our health authorities n mci stands.they dont have interest for those who have have interest in saving their lives...

angryangry man(Posted 11 Months Ago)

i think all the resident doctors across the country should go on strike. let the health care system go to hell. castrate all those supreme court chuteheads who want to take leave.

sunilsunil soni(Posted 11 Months Ago)