NEET PG 2013: Supreme Court to hear case today

Editorial Team5321|7Last Updated:12:15 pm, February 19, 2013
NEET PG 2013: Supreme Court to hear case today

Supreme Court will hear NEET PG 2013 case today. It is expected that the verdict will be out today. The last date of the NEET case hearing was on February 14.

NEET PG case (T.C.(C)No.98/2012) has been added to the final cause list for February 19. It has been listed as item no. 8 for Court no.1. The court will be in session till 4 pm.

Discussions were held across social media forums and websites carrying live updates of the case. One site suggested that it may take another six to seven hearings before NEET PG students can expect a verdict.

A verdict can only be reached once the Supreme Court releases a final cause list.

The delay in reaching a verdict has led to a lot of stress and uncertainty amongst students who have taken to protests and the social media to express their dismay and anger.

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First Published:12:15 pm, February 19, 2013

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A..S.SrikanthA..S.Srikanth (Posted 1 Year Ago)

It is a pity that an Actor turned terrorist's plea for extending time to surrender is disposed of on priority basis in our Country rather that a case where 90,000 doctor's future is at stake! What is important to Indian Judiciary- future of 90,000 medicos or a proven terrorist?

VInayVInay Kamal(Posted 1 Year Ago)

NEET online examination was scheduled at 10 am and reporting time was 9 am. Our four students reported at 9.05 am. They were not permitted to appear in the test.Is not a crime for wasting one year of our bright students.DNB violated norms regarding numbers of MCQs DNB put 40 MCQs instead of 20 of a particular subject. DNB had no experience to conduct such examination. Director Professor Central Health Service.

NapoleonNapoleon Huidrom(Posted 1 Year Ago)

so, the case at SC follows and everyone has awaited for the verdict. my verdict for the so called case is------- let NEET exam be there for ezzat ka sawal. let the private colleges be flourised as before and let their products compete with the government products at the highest level becoz its very late to halt them yeh government ka galti tha. and as the neet exam is undertaken by dnb let the dnb cet pg pass percentage be little elevated than before.

VInay Kamal(1 Year Ago)
Every year paper leakage has been reported in AIIMS PGI All India PG. Society is aware why present VC of Delhi University took a wise decision for not conducting DPMT and PGT last year for MAMC LHMC and UCMS?
NapoleonNapoleon Huidrom(Posted 1 Year Ago)

why from the very beginning private colleges are allowed to flourished and now the government is trying to rear wild elephants and lions etc at home. this is purely insane. we the government nominees struggle throughout our career starting from lower classes upto the MBBS and we will keep on struggling for further studies at every level to cross the competitive barrier but these private students whom we can call them as a ladla of indian capitalists never ever struggle throughtout their career to become doctors after paying 15-80 lacs and start treating mankind as guinea pigs. and now the government is trying to cover everything under neet ug/pg recently. although its a nice and clean step, this will suffocate our capitalist as well as the authorities of the private institutions because the latter have tasted the sweetness of money and the former have known the money power.

NapoleonNapoleon Huidrom(Posted 1 Year Ago)

in india corrouption goes hectic and is everywhere i think. only the thing is the regional variation whether its the central government or the state government, whether its the supreme court or the high court, whether its the public or private or PPP. in corrouption what is important is the self and the rest is not necessary at all. in a country like india nobody bothers about another. so what we people like me (a PG aspirant) has to do is just wait and watch like we used to do while we treat patients. just like the outcome of our treatment depends on gods favouritism everything depends on the degree of corrouption. so, lets hope for the best but the very best is very unlikely in a corroupted state. its amazing that our government finds it very hard to come to justice or to deliver a verdict even after 65 years of our own rule. actually this itself reflects the height of being corroupted

payalpayal jain(Posted 1 Year Ago)

all this shows how casual our gov. is regarding the issue...

payalpayal jain(Posted 1 Year Ago)

dont such intellectual people understand that the future of ur own young docs is at stake...if they didnt have the power to declare the results on correct time then who gave them the right to take the paper was done for benefit but unfortunately the way it has been implemented has lead only to dismay....