NEET- PG 2013: Case postponed to April 3

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NEET- PG 2013: Case  postponed to April 3

NEET PG 2013 case has been postponed to April 3. Candidates can check details here..

NEET PG case (T.C.(C)No.98/2012) was  added to the final cause list on April 2 as item no. 10. The bench  heard cases upto 2:25pm only.

The last hearing was on March 7. It was expected that the NEET PG 2013 case would be heard on March 19.  However the final clause list for March 19 did not include the NEET case.

The Supreme Court will close for summer vacation on May 13 and will open on July 1.

It is expected that the case would be heard for 17 days before the vacation. The deadline set for Medical Council of India for PG admissions is May 31.

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First Published:03:32 pm, April 02, 2013

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ThomasThomas (Posted 12 Months Ago)

I think Court will go on vacation from May 13th to July 31st. No verdict will come before 13th May so that NEET will be forced declare the results as admissions should be completed before 31st May. All admissions will go as the previous years as happened in the state of Kerala in the previous years. No commitment from anybody, this is a show, everybody should work hard to root out corruption from India.

gopalgopal (Posted 1 Year Ago)

SC judges not only play with the lives of the aspiring medical students but it looks like that their lives are also in the hands of the private institutions. It looks like the SC judges are afraid of giving judgement as they are also human beings. Yes. Education is a business in India and no more an institution run for a cause. Government gave them permission to start institutions. However, Government is being dictated by them. I feel the absence of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the dynamic lady who could nationalize the leading banks then. Its time to revoke the licences to the private institutions and be run by autonomous institutions like IIT. Quality of doctors have gone. 40% marks as eligibility for SC/ST and 50% for OC. This itself is a blunder. The final product will be half doctor and a fully trained, qualified and competent doctor. This is India.

doctordoctor (Posted 1 Year Ago)

Dear Frnz i was in the court made all the effort and praying that today may be the final hearing and suprise suprise the case was not even taken up,, and know what these 27 odd lawyers representing Pvt Med colleges were all grinning and it seemed as if their victory is a foregone conclusion , who the cares for poor doctors, again they will study and forget everything, 940000 doctors sat for the exam, ,, How many are even complaining??, are there any strikes ?? Any media listening ?? Big NOO, unless we all stand united Nothings gonna change,,

priyanka (1 Year Ago)
NEET-PG case was in DNA mumbai edition yesterday.. did u read?
maryamarya (Posted 1 Year Ago)

It is my humble request from SC judge not to play from students it is becoming heights of patience.....

Distressed medico(1 Year Ago)
Dude, mind the grammar! Don't make us medicos look like illiterate bums!
drdr gaurav(Posted 1 Year Ago)

supreme court should give consent for the declaration of neet n dnb results n withheld counseling till final result

dholakiadholakia kashyap(Posted 1 Year Ago)

Country is worried about ONE MUNNA MBBS! Who cares about the fate of 90, 000 MBBS! Sab kam pe lag jao, nothing will happen. Tarikh pe tarikh is the tag line of Indian judiciary! And you know who are in the judiciary? Those who were faiures in 10th, put to arts, became BA then LLB and now the judge! And you expect effjiciency from them? Foget it. Vacation in courts! Horrible, when lacs of cases are pending!

mahender sharma(1 Year Ago)
No one even god can save this country where the judges of supreme court are also corrupt. There are 150 advocates are defending the case on behalf of private medical colleges, these private medical colleges has made medical education a mony collecting mechine, looting students by selling prospectus in Rs.4000 ti 500o and only the student who have prior setting are comes in to merit in these exames, Supreme Court Judges are very well known this fact. These minority or linguistinc private colleges never given admission to any poor deserving student. They are collecting mony from students on the basis of medical education, this fact is not hidden from the eyes ofsupreme court. The supreme court has never asked from any mbbs espirents or pg espirents what they desire, lok tantra of hindustan has been changed in to loot tantra. The judiciry is fully responsible for increasing crime and crruption. only one or two layers are defending the case on behalf of MCI, actually they have also sold their iman. These lowyers will not defend the case in the interest of medical espirents, and result will be that private medical colleges/ minority or linguistinc medical colleges may loot the students as much as they desire. What a surprise, that these private medical colleges are collecting rs.50 lak to one corrors from each students.
rps (1 Year Ago)
i fully endorse above comment.private medical institutes have opend shops for looting pg aspirants inthe nameof education.if they suceed people will loose confidence insupreme court as case being heard by chief justice himself. i hope finaly case will be decided in favour of student.<br /> <br /> <br /> ur reply