NEET-PG 2013: Case postponed to March 12

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NEET-PG 2013: Case postponed to March 12

The Supreme Court has postponed the NEET-PG 2013 case to March 12. The NEET-PG case was listed as item number 4 in court number 1 on March 7.

Mr Giri spoke on behalf of private medical colleges from Kerala  while Mr Guru Krishna Kumar spoke on behalf of private colleges from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Discussion for interim orders was rejected. Indiancolleges has many comments regarding the delays in results.

Most students expressed their disappointment with the delay. As one doctor put it:

"This is atrocious playing with the lives of healers hurting us and disappointing to the core...please display the results soon and let us decide our future. (We are) confused how to proceed..we aren't getting jobs because of this.."

About 90,000 students have been affected by the delay in results. Students now hope that a verdict will be reached by next week as the court will be on holiday from March 25-30 on account of Holi and Good Friday.

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First Published:03:23 pm, March 07, 2013

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gopalgopal (Posted 1 Year Ago)

How do you expect the judgement to come soon. It will definitely be delayed/denied. After all, the judges are human beings, having a family and to accept whatever is given to them,as they are scared and bribed. The only way out is to Nationalise the private medical colleges. A woman like Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who has nationalized the commercial banks in India is required. These politicians are corrupt and spineless. All the private medical colleges are run by trust/not to distribute the profits, owned by politicians and their benamis. Students are the ones who are affected.

ninadninad (Posted 1 Year Ago)

highly irritating and absurd situation..thnx to private colleges and our beloved politicians

RamaguruRamaguru Prasad(Posted 1 Year Ago)

This is absurd. Courts are playing with lives of people. When there are so many crores of cases pending in courts, they are not showing any urgency in disposing cases. Instead they work leisurely like how the British raj judges use to work taking summer and winter vacations. When everyone else is working very hard for their livelihood throughout the year, these courts and judges work like the erstwhile British raj judges with so many vacations.

RR S(Posted 1 Year Ago)

Feelings of 90,000 students who appeared for the entrance exam in Nov.2012 and anxiously waiting for the result and the heart burn of their parents do not attract any attention or pressure. All attention and pressure revolves around private medical college buildings.

sushilsushil patel(Posted 1 Year Ago)

this is the ignorance at highest level with the future of yong doctors...

Dr.HimanshuDr.Himanshu Bansal(Posted 1 Year Ago)

If Supreme Court the apex one is taking so much time to decide then who will help young doctors to decide for their is a pity situation for all the PG aspirants.It is very difficult to decide whether they will be selected or they shd study further more in case of non selection .it is a big dilemma which court has put doctors in....