Charmy mehta

Can you tell me about BMM course in detail?

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By Charmy mehta   2 Years Ago

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By Rahul   2 Years Ago

Hi friend,

It's an interesting course to study. It not all helps to know what is going around the world but also enhances communication skills confidence of a person. Just go for it my friend..Best wishes!

rocky S

By rocky S   2 Years Ago

Hey i guess, u can choose ur specialization in this course at ur second year, as either advertising or journalism.


By Navin   2 Years Ago

Lot of opportunities are available in this field. You can work as editor, photo journalist, journalist, news analyst, radio jockey, writer, corespondent, news reporter etc. It's very good field. Please go ahead. Good luck!


By Gargi   2 Years Ago

Hi friend

The minimum qualification required to enter in this course is HSC with at least 45% marks. All the best!

Arti Psychologist

By Arti Psychologist   2 Years Ago

BMM is Bachelors in Mass Media. It's a three years full time course that provides students firm grounding in studies related to mass media through understanding society's diverse cultural understanding and social responsibility. It includes interesting subjects like understanding cinema, brand buying, magazine journalism, copy writing and so on. It has lot of scope in India.