vijay kumar

I want to join polytechnic course after 10th standard, so I want to know how much percentage are required?

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By vijay kumar   2 Years Ago

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satish gaudo

By satish gaudo   2 Years Ago

From the career point, in case if you can complete your 10+2 and then decide for diploma or graduation,it would help you. From the average salary that you get target graduation (in engineering as it seems you like technical field).


By ria   2 Years Ago

Hey why dont u go ahead with engg after 10+2? It is a better option.


By Tanuj   2 Years Ago

There is also a degree called as general management. But I would like to recommend you to go for finance or operations.

Arti Psychologist

By Arti Psychologist   2 Years Ago

Each college has their own criteria and cut off. To my best knowledge, first class will fetch you a better college. All the best!!